Gelatinous Macrozooplakton Aggregations at Coastal Fronts - Bluewater Diving Application
Graduate Work of A. Kimo Morris
updated: 1/07/06

Convergence out to seaAll my projects involve gathering zooplankton by using nets. However, some require in situ observations of gelatinous macrozooplankton (e.g. jellyfish, salps, pteropods, etc.) on scuba. By actually getting in the water, I can gather information on macrozooplankton that would otherwise not be adequately obtained by using nets.

Initial in situ data were gathered during my second Monterey field effort, where high definition video transects were performed using the MBARI ROV Ventana deployed from the RV Pt. Lobos (this was done simultaneously with net-gathered samples aboard a second vessel, RV Ed Ricketts) . Lots of great information was gathered during the ROV dives on species abundance, orientation, and association with physical parameters.

While the ROV dives were really cool, it would have been impractical to use the Ventana (or any other ROV) to look at recurrent aggregations on ephemeral fronts, particularly down in Southern California. The logistically easier (and less costly) solution is to take a video camera, stick it in an underwater housing, and swim transects along fronts and under slicks. I began performing these transects in Santa Monica Bay in 2003 and have continued gathering data in this manner.

Data Collection
Cyclosalpa affinis solitary with buds
Cyclosalpa affinis colony
Pegea(?) colony
Cyclosalpa solitary form

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