Zooplankton Aggregations at Coastal Fronts
A. Kimo Morris
updated: 05/01/08

Welcome to my UCLA research site. This material is intended to inform my friends, family and collegues of my current work. I hope you all enjoy this. Please email me if you have any questions. Note to students: The information on my website is NOT intended to serve as a scholarly reference! So, if you are a student doing a term paper on plankton or oceanic fronts, beware that this information is subject to interpretation and has not been scrutinized by the scientific community.
RV Seaworld UCLA
Ichthyoplankton Neuston Tows
Tornaria larva
Bluewater Transects
Emerita analoga Stage V Larva
Background - All my projects are linked by a common theme. I am interested in how oceanography influences biological processes in the coastal ocean environment.
Convergence out to sea
Santa Monica Bay Nearshore Zone - For this project, I am concerned with plankton processes right off the beach.
Monterey Upwelling Shadow - Monterey Bay, California, Initial Visit. Santa Monica Bay Ephemeral Fronts - These fleeting features may have a profound effect on transporting zooplankton.
Monterey Upwelling Shadow, part II - Monterey Bay, California, MOOS MUSE study. Gelatinous Zooplankton - Nets completely destroy jellies. One alternative to study them is to dive in!
Anomura zoea - Lepidopa myops
Chlorophyll Satellite Image
Polynoidae Polychaete Larva
Seabird CTD Deployment
ROV Ventana deployed from the RV Point Lobos

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