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Alohaworld - This site is a great resources for Hawaii-related information and links, especially as it pertains to mainland events. Created from scratch, this site began as a mere hobby for Tony, webmaster and CEO of Alohaworld. In one year, the site has grown to formidable size and depth.
Hawaiian Reference Resources - Chock full of Hawaiian resource links, this site should be one of the first that you visit for finding primary information on Hawaii and Hawaiiana.
One Scoop Mac Two Scoop Rice - This site contains a thorough list of Hawaiian-style (local) eateries in Southern California (includes L.A., Orange, and San Diego Counties) - perfect for wayward Hawaiians living in Southern California who crave "local food". Ohh, by the way, did I mention that the site editor is my wife?

Links to a few websites designed and constructed by Kimo

On Track - Field and Track equipment sales.
Bubbles Below Scuba Charters - One of the top dive boat operators in Hawaii, Bubbles Below is run by a very close friend, Linda Marsh. Bubbles caters to intermediate and advanced divers and marine enthusiasts. Check out this site.
The Official Website of Niki Konstantinou - A good friend, Niki is a professional underwater photographer and film producer.
Jade Hiraki Morris - My daughter's website. This site was initially posted in mid-1999, when my daughter was 10 weeks in the womb. Her site is full of fun pictures, video clips and poetry.
The Official Website of Peter Kwong - A good friend, Peter is a well respected actor and martial artist who has had numerous appearances on stage, television, and film. Most notably, he was featured in Big Trouble in Little China and The Golden Child.
Hara Podiatrists' Group, Inc. - This website is an example of how a simple page can work well to establish web presence.
April's Martial Arts Homepage - My wife April also has her own martial arts site. It includes information on her life in the martial arts.
Beach Pole Vault Challenge - I designed this page for a friend who put together this pole vault event that takes place in Santa Barbara, California... right on the beach!  We designed the site for the 1999 event, and then re-designed it for the 2000 event. The next Beach Vault event will be in 200-?.
Sea d Sea - One of the finest scuba shops in Redondo Beach. Check out the diveboat listings!
MBC Applied Environmental Sciences - I am currently a staff marine biologist with MBC. I created this site in November of 1997 and have maintained it since.

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