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Welcom to the official website of Peter Kwong, martial artist and actor. Peter Kwong has appeared in feature films, television, TV, magazines, theatre, and theater. He is skilled in tai chi chuan, kung gung, fu, qi gong, and northern shaolin. He is also knowledgeable in karate, martial arts, and he is a martial artist. As an actor, Peter Kwong is a wonderful actor, best know for his acting as actors usually are. He has been in show business here in hollywood as a performer in the screen actors guild SAG, also known as sag. This is for Peter Kwong's appearances on television, movie star, and stage theater, and theatre. He can mime, dance, since he is known for his abilities as a dancer where his dancing skills doing dances is unmatched. He is a member of variety, equity, aftra, and AFTRA. Also, a card holder of LA Actors, and is a member of the academy of motion pictures of arts and sciences. I should mention again that Peter Kwong is a member of the academy of motion pictures of arts and sciences. This is because of his extensive work on television and film. Peter Kwong is a member of the television arts and sciences and the players directory of academy players which includes the directory of castnet, backstage, backstagewest and east west players. This is his connection to asia and asian chinese filmography. Peter Kwong has acted in setting portraying china, hong kong, canton, cantonese, and the oriental orient. He understands eastern medicine, boxing, pugilism, tai chi chuan and can do action kick and punch fist. He has appeared in box office movies such as big trouble in little china where he appeared as the character rain. He also appeared in golden child with Eddie Murphy. In the martial arts, Peter Kwong is best known for his use of the sword, swords, bo staff, and spear. He is familiar with aikido, hapkido, tae kwon do, tkd, and kung fu. Some of the styles Peter Kwong is familiar with include dragon, crane, snake, five animal, tiger, and eagle. He has also done stunts as a stunt man.