posted 3/12/06
Ph.D. Dissertation - A. Kimo Morris, UCLA 2006

Below, you will find my complete dissertation. Because the file size is so large, I decided to also split it into parts.

Complete Dissertation (36.9 MB) - Zooplankton Aggregations in California Coastal Zones (340pp)

Frontis (480 KB) - This section contains the title page, signatures, dedication, table of contents, lists of tables, figures and appendices, acknowledgements and abstract. (31pp)

Chapter 1 (7.9 MB) - Directional Swimming Behavior Facilitates the Aggregation of Sea Nettles Chrysaora fuscescens Along the Monterey Bay Upwelling Shadow, Monterey Bay, California (50pp)

Chapter 2 (7.8 MB) - Physical and Biological Factors Determining the Spatial Distribution of Zooplankton Near the Monterey Bay Upwelling Shadow Front, Monterey Bay, California (81pp)

Chapter 3 (21.4 MB) - Patterns of Flow and Plankton Distribution in the Nearshore Zone of Dockweiler State Beach, Santa Monica Bay, California (178pp)